Spanish for Foreigners – S4F

The objective of the Spanish for Foreigners Courses is to provide participants with enough knowledge of the language to communicate accurately and fluently. Courses also incorporate cultural aspects so that students become familiar with the Spanish culture to ease their integration in a spanish speaking community.

  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • One to one lessons / Small groups
  • All year round courses
  • Flexible schedule
  • Tailored lessons
  • Course materials
  • Certificate of the course

* Contact our school for further information and course fares.


S4F  Beginners

Course for students with no previous knowledge of the language. It focuses on basic linguistic aspects which enable them to communicate simple ideas in situations of everyday life. Major grammatical topics: present tense indicative (regular and irregular verbs), articles, adjectives, gender, demonstratives, possessives and some prepositions.

S4F Elementary

Course for beginners who have a limited understanding of the language. Practice of linguistic structures and basic communicative functions in relation to matters of everyday life in the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Major grammatical topics: past and imperfect tenses indicative (regular and irregular verbs), informal future, complement pronouns, uses of the words también and tampoco, and some prepositions, etc.

 S4F  Pre-intermediate

Course for beginners who have solved their basic problems of communication. Practice of the linguistic structures that prepare students to face their most common needs of verbal interaction (i.e. expressions of physical sensations, states of mind or opinions). Major grammatical topics: simple future, present and past progressive, comparisons, and direct & indirect object pronouns..

S4F  Intermediate

Course for intermediate level students who need to expand their communicative skills and improve their linguistic competence through the use of more complex grammatical structures such as subordination. Major grammatical topics: present and past perfect indicative, present and past subjunctive and conditionals. Practice of reading strategies applied to different types of texts: comic strips, news, scientific articles, and so on.

S4F Upper-Intermediate

Course for upper intermediate level students. Review of basic concepts and study of intermediate grammar. Real-life language, oral and written, is linked to grammar. Major grammatical topics: direct and indirect speech, hypothetical sentences, formal and informal commands, uses of por and para, relative and object pronouns, and uses of the impersonal pronoun se.

 S4F Advanced

Course for advanced students. Practice of the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, in relation to a wide variety of cultural texts of various types. Study of complex syntactic structures, i.e. correct use of adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and all verb tenses. Major grammatical topics: all verbal forms of the subjunctive and verbs constructed with the impersonal pronoun se.

S4F Advanced II

Course for advanced students. Syntactic knowledge is developed through the handling of complex structures, and socio-cultural competence through the reading and discussion of written and oral texts dealing with relevant problems of the second half of the 20th century, particularly in Spain. In depth, analysis and review of all the grammatical points seen in the previous levels. Practice of diverse strategies of aural comprehension in order to facilitate the comprehension of sound material of different types and degrees of difficulty.

Spanish for Business

Intensive practice of Spanish the vocabulary and terminology used in business in Spain and Latin-America. Readings related to current business values and presentation of oral and written reports and situations that involve the correct use of linguistic elements. Current styles in Spanish management; operational systems of the administrative roles of different Spanish enterprises, the foreign influence in business and cultural patterns.

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